Apiyoo is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise specializing in oral care, beauty care and imported Nourishment.The Company now has more than 1500 staff and creates an annual production value of more than 900 million RMB.

By now, Apiyoo has 16 million users and it continuously carries out brand planning strategy in five years. Combining Internet with multi-channels operation. Apiyoo will truely break through both online and offline channels to provide users with comprehensive shopping, entertaining, socializing experience regardless the time and places.

Channel / Multi-channels Operation= Offline Sales Counters + Online Flagship Stores
Product / Develop Around User Scenarios
Supply Chain / An Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise With Independent R&D Team
March: Apiyoo sonic electric toothbrush for children was released.
May: Apiyoo daily care products came to market.
July: Apiyoo's first sonic electric toothbrush for adults was released.
September: the first Apiyoo house was opened in Shanghai.
May: Apiyoo reached a strategic cooperation with 2,000 Korean oral clinics, marking the beginnning of Apiyoo's cross-border cooperation.Also in May,Apiyoo established a branch office in Shanghai.
July: Apiyoo Holding carried out a strategic cooperation with BROOKSTONE, a legendary American retailer and started to supply goods to BROOKSTONE.
October: Apiyoo Holding's wholly-owned subsidiary Kuaimajiabian Technology Co.,Ltd was officially founded. And it became the only sponsor in personal care industry of the Fifth Xi'an Silk Road International Film Festival.
December: Apiyoo won the awards of "2018 China Innovative Brand" and "2018 China New Business Form, New Model, New Product and New Brand"
March: Apiyoo worked with Japan's largest animation company TPC and developed the Pokemon Series electric toothbrush, of which the turnover reached 25 million RMB. And Apiyoo won the title of "TPC's Excellent Partner".

April: Apiyoo announced that Nana Ou-yang became the spokesperson for its electric toothbrush products.

May: Aiwuxian Foundation aided Henan Province Orphans Association with 2 million RMB worth supplies(10,000 cartons of diapers and 5,000 cartons of wipes).

June: Apiyoo founded a branch office in Beijing. Also in June, it cooperated with Sailor Moon, a popular IP in the world, to develop the jointly-designed sonic electric toothbrush.

November: The daily turnover of Apiyoo's Tmall flagship store exceeded 20 million RMB. By then, Apiyoo had more than 6,000 retail stores.

February: Due to the severity of COVID-19 in Wuhan, Apiyoo donated 10 tons of disinfection goods to Wuhan overnight. In the same month, Apiyoo established its branch offices in Malaysia and Mexico, exploiting Southeast Asian and Latin American markets.

cotant information:

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